Catching Up

Hi, long time no see! I realize it's been a long time since my last post. But now I'm back, and I will struggle to post more regularly... in English! As a Chinese Indonesian (I'm an Indonesian descended from Hokkien people) who lives in the west of Indonesia, to speak both Indonesian and Hokkien language … Continue reading Catching Up


Red Heart’s Berry Stitch Scarf

I proudly and wholeheartedly presented THE Berry Stitch Scarf for E, my bestest friend ever! I fell in love at the first sight of this scarf when I saw it in Red Heart's website. Its bright cheerful red and its warming texture convinced me that it would be a perfect birthday gift for E. Basically, I … Continue reading Red Heart’s Berry Stitch Scarf

Warung Babeh Jalan Emas, Medan

Pertama kali diajak ke sini rasanya agak-agak gimana gitu. Bagaimana tidak? Berlokasi di Jalan Emas, berupa warung yang ditutupi tenda-tenda bekas spanduk, makannya sambil kongsian meja dan bangku kayu khas warung dengan pengunjung lain, dan pengunjung lainnya itu semuanya cowok! 😱 Kendati demikian, warung ini selalu kelebihan pengunjung di saat lunch hour. Motor dan mobil berjejer parkir di jalan depan … Continue reading Warung Babeh Jalan Emas, Medan