Red Heart’s Berry Stitch Scarf

I proudly and wholeheartedly presented THE Berry Stitch Scarf for E, my bestest friend ever!


I fell in love at the first sight of this scarf when I saw it in Red Heart’s website. Its bright cheerful red and its warming texture convinced me that it would be a perfect birthday gift for E.

Basically, I followed the pattern shown in Red Heart. It is not difficult if you are familiar with chain stitch (ch), single crochet (sc), and double crochet (dc).  It is a combination of sc and dc crocheted one after another.

This combination creates a unique texture on its surface. Ups (the double crochets) and downs (the single crochets) creates the texture resembling a transverse wave.

2017-04-28 16.11.21

I used one skein of “Rouge” Red Heart Super Saver and made some unintentional modification in several parts, resulting a 22 cm wide x 135 cm long scarf.


As a beginner, I found it a little bit difficult to concentrate and focus. Sometimes I had to unravel the stitches once I realized the texture was a bit off. It was the first time I used Red Heart Super Saver (which is 333 meter in length!), and I spent 3 days working on this scarf. My thumb and the end of the crochet hook kept rubbing each other while the project was going on, and it felt numb even after a couple of days after completion! 😪

However, the outcome is satisfying. E loves the scarf! 😊 Happy birthday, E! I assure you that I put my best wishes in every stitches. Thanks a lot for not looking down on this (in quotation mark) worthless gift. Happy birthday to you again!



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